Ian Middleton • When A Plan Comes Together

There are a multitude of factors that need to be right when it comes to getting together a scene you want to photograph. Ian Middleton explains which apps to use, especially when it comes to weather

The best-laid landscape photography plan doesn’t always prove successful. There are many factors that can thwart even the most meticulous of plans. The chief adversary is usually the weather. As with everything though, good planning is essential. However, planning doesn’t always have to be trying to get what you want; it can also mean being able to make the best of a situation.

Getting what you want
When thinking about the kind of image you plan to get, in the case of a sunrise or sunset you might want the right kind of cloud to light up the sky in glorious colours. Or perhaps you want the sun or the moon to be in a certain position at the right time; namely rising or setting behind a particular building, mountain or other landscape feature. Perhaps you want a particular scene to be lit from a certain angle.

Often, when we discover a location, it is rare that ...

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