Houten, Netherlands by Avishek Patra

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Picture Story

Story of the Image: Don't the houses look like they have been put together by hand, placed side by side - just like a child's Lego block houses? I had the feeling above when I first saw an image from Houten, a small town about an hour from Amsterdam. So perfectly placed next to each other, and painted brightly in different pastel shades. I spent an entire evening spent around these 'rainbow houses', photographing them in the ambience of a golden orange sunset and yet, I could not get enough of this place. Just loved the simple beauty of the location, and this image here holds a special place in my collection.

Photography Tips: If you are planning to visit Houten, make sure you bring your filters to get the smoothness in water and sky. It may be helpful to note that in summer, the sun rises in front of these houses and sets slightly on the right as you face the houses. So, you can plan your shots accordingly.

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