Hills of Rivalto, Italy by Andrea Lorenzetti

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Picture Story

My eyes are very happy to see all this, I can't help immortalizing this unique time. I don't have much time, to take this picture, I hastily place the tripod, prepare the camera and shoot the shot, no more than five, the magic is over.

Low hills, rounded by time and with a sweet profile, were born to satisfy us, to give us belvederi and harmonious panoramas.
The shining dawn, when the sun rises in a halo of flame; the spiral of the morning mists and their slow dissolution on the hills. Love is born like the sun on an even though soft, light, soft floors, illuminates everything that was not seen before and finally allows us to admire the landscape.

I love this painting, which makes me want to go inside to go for a walk. I met "the place of the soul", an authentic poem, a poem that cannot be told, because words would not be enough, they would not do full justice; because in it all the feelings that a certain panorama, a certain view, can convey. Feelings made of shapes, colors, smells, sounds. A resource, which raises the mood and comforts it, a balm, a caress for those who feel alone or unhappy: in fact, it is enough to observe, to feel better already, to reconcile with oneself.

I end up contemplating it for a long time, not realizing how much time has passed. Oh yes, when it is enchanting, fascinating, almost "magical" to the point of literally kidnapping, it produces this effect. Loneliness gave me a sense of freedom.

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