Hamnoy, Lofoten Islands, Norway by John Pedersen

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Picture Story

I just finished leading a workshop in Iceland where we had missed the record low pressure storm and I then barely made it in to Norway to lead another workshop. We spent a few days photographing around the Leknes area before heading South to Reine. Each day we were in the area we made a stop along the bridge (or nearby) to photograph variations of this iconic scene.

The weather during our stay was largely cloudy with few chances for open views of the amazing scenery. On this particular day the clouds were low and looked very solid with little chance of opening. However, you won't know if you don't go so we held out hope that we would get a shot. We set up our cameras along the bridge rail and waited for the weather to break. The winds were blowing 15-20mph which made the wind chill down around 0F. We waited for about 40 minutes before we started to see a lightening in the sky and then the clouds parted enough for us to photograph this scene for about 20 minutes. The sunlight was almost ethereal as it filtered through the clouds.

I put on a wide angle lens and worked to have as long a shutter speed as I could to smooth out the water below. I worked as fast as I could to have my clients capture this scene as it was unfolding as well as snapping a couple of frames myself. After just a short time, the clouds blocked off the light and the scene wasn't worth shooting, so we packed up our gear and headed to the next location. It was only when I reviewed my images that night that I saw how special this capture was.

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