The Harbour Lighthouse, Newhaven, England by Roger Davies

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Picture Story

Storm Ciara had been around for a couple of days and I had tried to get an image of the Newhaven lighthouse the previous day without much success.

High tide was around midday, the sky was dark grey it was raining, and the wind was still blowing at gale force, I decided to have to go hoping for a short break in the weather.

As I drove over the South Downs past Beachy Head towards Newhaven a small patch of the sky started to look brighter in the west.

When I arrived at the car park at Newhaven it was extremely windy, but the rain had stopped, and the patch of clear sky was getting larger. I decided to use my Canon 5DS r with my Canon EF 100-400mm f4.6/5.6L ll USM with a Canon 1.4 extender ll. Because of the strong wind and possible rain, I set the iso to 800 and aperture f/8. The chance of being able to take any long exposure on the tripod today was nil. The black clouds were still overhead I managed to take several exposures of the waves breaking over the lighthouse. The area of blue sky was getting closer, but it wasn't going to last for long. I walk to the beach on the other side of the harbour wall where the waves were pounding on to the beach. The sun emerged from behind the dark clouds illuminating the waves breaking onto the harbour wall and lighthouse. In the strong wind, I set the 5DSr to fast shutter speed, I was able to take a few more frames before the sun was once again hidden behind the next bank of dark clouds and the cold winter rain started to fall once again.

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