Gwydir River, NSW, Australia by Fiona Ruck

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Picture Story

The sun was slowly disappearing as sunset approached, leaving a beautiful golden shimmer on the river. The colours were magnificent; hues of green from the overhanging trees and patches of pink here and there which came from the pink duck weed which was slowly covering the river.

I had been sitting here for most of the day taking photos of the many birds that frequent the Gwydir River in central NSW. But now I stopped to admire these intermingling reflections of colour. Further up the river I could see my ‘neighbour’ in her canoe. Like us, she is a ‘wandering nomad’, travelling in her caravan to some of the most beautiful spots in Australia. We had arrived in this area two weeks ago and enjoyed the many ‘moods’ of the river.

Every day the river looked different; some days bringing out the deep pink of the duck weed more than others, other days paler with streaks of shadows from clouds; some days sparkles of sunlight making stars in the water. Many birds lived along this river, including the huge Australian Pelican which looked fantastic against the darkening green of the trees along the river bank.

I looked again at my neighbour who was slowly getting closer, navigating her way through the duck weed, when all of a sudden there was a loud screeching. The ducks which had been peacefully floating around the duck weed had now seen my neighbour in her canoe. As the bird flew past me like a speeding bullet, I quickly reduced the shutter speed so as to get just the colour of the bird against the other beautiful hues of the river and making it more of a ‘dreamy’ effect.

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    Lovely Fiona, Daniel my grandson must take after you, he has a good eye for a photograph, taking his time to get it just right.

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      Thanks Fay. Daniel should enter the competition. There is a different assignment every month. x

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