Guilin, China by Neil Dankoff

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Picture Story

Although I had researched and planned many areas in China to photograph during my two week photography trip, my motivation for picking China was to try and capture the incredible landscape of Guilin from this particular vantage point. A quick ten minute hike was required in the dark. I could see the combination of clear skies and clouds above and this added to my excitement of possibly getting a beautiful sunrise. Once I reached the top of hill, I looked out at what I would be shooting. Although the sun wouldn't rise for another 35 minutes, I was able to see the magnificent farming village with its surrounding river and background hills. Unreal! My guide let me know these were some of the clearest skies they've had in quite sometime and that the background hills were rarely as visible as they were today.

I found the perfect location to set up my tripod and began shooting the panoramic photograph (six photos across). But as the sun began to rise, the most incredible God's Rays began to form. I changed my set up and started shooting two rows of six photos which resulted in the best final panoramic image. The guide kept uttering the word Epic as he watched the sunrise unfold. An accurate word to describe what we were witnessing which is why I chose it for the name of the Photograph. It still remains my favourite photograph and is featured in all three of my galleries. I also produced a twenty foot wide multi panel piece for an exhibit I did last year.

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