Greenlands Open Farm, Carnforth, Lancashire, England by Mike Brown

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Picture Story

Taking my daughter to work on a farm early one October morning in 2015, I came across this beautiful scene with the sun rising through mist/fog but more importantly for me as a retired meteorologist, fog drip off the branches. Fog is very rare in our area, as is most extreme weather, so this was an ideal opportunity. The sun was rising quickly so I could only use my 'car boot' camera, an old D2X, which has proved very resilient over the years I have owned it. Coupled with a very old Nikon zoom lens, which itself must be some twenty to thirty years old, it shows that good quality images can still be obtained if you have the opportunity. In addition it was handheld, as back in those days I could. Propped up on my car door was the best I could do. Within some fifteen minutes it was gone, the sun having burned off the fog.

Like most of my images those days that were not studio or wedding, it was unplanned, almost a snapshot, although I detest the words of "taking a snap". But with the fog and sun altitude changing rapidly I had to work quickly.

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