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In a decade of photographing Mexican landscapes, Graeme Green has learned about nature, surroundings and cactuses. Here he tells us how its diverse cultures and incredible landscapes can come alive

Up on the hills around San Ignacio I was under attack. As I moved myself, my tripod and camera bag to different positions to photograph cactus formations in the disappearing evening light, painful spikes dug into my skin. Looking down, green bulbs covered with thick two-inch-long needles had attached to my arms and legs with barbed hooks. It felt like I was in the middle of a sci-fi film with alien creatures coming at me from all sides.

These ‘creatures’ were Cylindropuntia Fulgida, one of around 700 species of cactus in Mexico, more commonly referred to as Jumping Cholla Cactus or Flying Cholla Cactus. Though they don’t jump or fly, it can feel that way, as they come out of nowhere and strike before you have even realised they were there.

Jumping Cactus aren’t the only reason why there were no other people up on the hills. This location, deep in the wilderness of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, 900 miles from the tourist zones of San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, is one that ...

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Graeme Green

Graeme Green is a British photographer, journalist and travel writer for international publications. For 15 years he has travelled the world with a camera and notepad, from Japan to Haiti to Ethiopia, photographing people and local cultures, wildlife and landscapes.

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