Golden Valley, Arizona, USA by Cassandra Powell

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Picture Story

Out scouting some beauty. Ran into this perfect shot! I did not find what I was looking for, but that is what adventure is about! All the things you discover on the journey! This is on BLM land with old rusty buildings. Cactus everywhere. Looking out to the mountains surrounding Kingman, AZ.

This gem is right off the main highway, but not visible from the highway. It was around 5 pm, just as the sun was starting to go down. Creating a spotlight on the smaller peak in the distance. To get here you have to drive a narrow little patg, that appears to be well maintained. The land looks almost untouched otherwise. I reccomend seeing this in the winter or spring. Summer will be too hot for most! But beware of raining weather. You could get stuck in a monsoon washing the area out trapping you!

Also, be prepared with food" water and knowledge of the desert creatures that can be harmful, such as rattlesnakes! To get here you take highway 93 coming from Golden Valley. Just right before you enter Kingman, leaving Golden Valley" there is a small, hard to see turn on top of Coyote Pass before you get to Cerbat Foothills recreation area. Be careful not to get ran off the highway and make sure you have slowed down enough before this turn! Drive up the thin dirt road. Stop and open the goate, close it behind you. It helps keep wild animals off of the highway. Enjoy the beauty and leave no trace!

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