Godrevy Lighthouse, Cornwall, England by Ken Rennie

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Picture Story

I visited Cornwall hoping for some late summer sunshine and warmth and a chance to take some gentle seascapes. I was camping nearby and as it looked like a promising evening with calm conditions and high clouds I walked down to the beach to see if I could find a composition. I spent a lot of time wading into the sea trying to use the breaking surf as a compositional element but the buffeting waves caused too much blur so those images were unusable. I had always intended to use the lighthouse as a compositional element and found the sand spit which made a curved leading line as well as producing a calm body of water in its lee which reflected the sky.

As the sun started to sink towards the horizon the wispy clouds in the sky started to colour up and I decided that the sky would be the real subject of the image with the lighthouse used as an end stop for the eyes so I changed to my 14mm prime to include a lot of sky and foreground but reduce the lighthouse in size. I waited as the light became more spectacular and the temperature started dropping but couldn’t leave until the light collapsed. This image was taken 20 minutes after the sun had finally dipped into the sea and has been lightened de-saturated and cooled down in post-processing as I preferred the high key gentle mood that this produced. Two and a half hours after I had walked onto Gwithian beach I left cold and happy as the sunset had been spectacular but shorts, tee shirt and sandals were perhaps not the best wear for a September evening.

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