Glacier National Park, USA by Mary Henry

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Picture Story

Sometimes fate, nature and luck collide to keep encouraging us to pursue our passions. It’s so interesting and challenging to be traveling with preconceived destinations in mind, and have to change course. In our case, it was the occurrence of several disconnected forest fires in our path that caused us to do just that. We tend to stay in national forest campgrounds in order to enjoy the variety of terrain in any given area. Well, many were closed due to fire, smoke or the threat of both.

After consulting our maps, we ventured further north than originally intended and secured camping in a beautiful area of Washington state, not far from Glacier National Park. The park itself had sustained some damage from fires, but thanks to recent rains, the park was again open. The situation remained fluid, however, since the humidity brought early and deep fog to the lower elevations. Always beginning the pursuit of our adventures early, we encountered quite a few thick patches of fog before rising to higher elevations. After taking several stops for photo opportunities, we continued our journey, and found several viewpoints with very few tourists. Very lucky, because the fog was lifting quickly and the scenery was changing rapidly. I was able to find just the right spot at this viewpoint, offering a distant vision of glaciers, just before the fog lifted enough to block the view.

My concept for this photograph was to include the pines climbing up the lower mountainside, define the line of fog, and reveal the brilliant glaciers in the background. I wanted to draw your eye past the fog, but also give perspective to the contrast of the size of the glaciers to the pines in the foreground. It was a fortunate departure from our planned route, and I have many photographic memories of this remarkable region of the country.

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