Glacier National Park, Montana, USA by Roy Goldsberry

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Picture Story

I got my first DSLR in 2008, and using it over the following year prompted me to begin visiting the US national parks (there are 59 of them) to shoot the many landscapes. While I am retired now, for most of the years since then I was working, and so was only able to visit a couple parks per year. Glacier National Park was always on the list, but I did not make it there until 2019.

These days, one does not really visit this park for the glaciers, which have greatly receded since the park was established in 1910. The park lies across the continental divide of the Rocky Mountains in Montana. It is a wonderful vista of those mountains, streams and waterfalls, wildlife, and forest. The park is quite large, and my visit was over about a week and a half.

One of the days that my wife and I were staying at the St. Mary Lodge, our plan was to hike along the Highline Trail, which originates at the Logan Pass Visitor's Center. The trail runs along the side of the ridge line that runs north from the pass. As you make your way along, the valley opens up to present a wonderful view of the mountains, and the forest which hugs the land up to the tree line. This shot is one that shows that nicely.

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