Gespensterwald, Nienhagen, Germany by Martin Wasilewski

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Picture Story

I took this photo on a fantastic foggy morning in the well known "Ghost Forest" on the Baltic Sea of Germany. This shot wouldnt exist without a big failure a day before, when we came here. As most people may have experienced this year, a few of my photo trips were canceled due to pandemic and many photographic plans with it.

When i travel with my wife and my 5 years old son, i mostly spend the day time with them and the morning and evening hours i am shooting my landscape photo plans if the weather is on my side.

On this trip we spent three weeks on different places along the Baltic Sea in Germany. On the first morning in Nienhagen, where the Ghost Forest is located, was perfect but let me explain my big failure first. On the day before we went here from home about 235 miles by car. It was not easy to pack things for three weeks and because packing was very stressful the worst thing ever happened.

I forgot my camera equipment and only took my spare camera and lens. Okay, i had to make a decision and finally drove the whole way back home, picked up may camera equipment and then back to my family. But before that i grabbed my old spare stuff and went into the forest to shoot this fatastic fog conditions. I had to get used to shoot with that lens but at the end i was happy with a wonderful series of moody forest photographs. It was the only day with fog conditions the whole three weeks but some other unique shots later on this trip wouldnt exist without driving back home to pick up my camera equipment.

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