Full Frame • Mt Rainier National Park, USA

The Photographer

I am a landscape photographer located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I love to travel, hike, camp and enjoy anything outdoors. I love to photograph mountains, scenic vistas and waterfalls. The Pacific Northwest offers me a very diverse eco system to explore.
Brian Smith

The Story

Mount Rainier National Park is a wonderland of lush fauna, diverse biomes and breathtaking views. Luckily for me, the mountain is located right in my back yard.

I visit the park frequently throughout the year and draw inspiration from the colors, sounds and fragrances of the changing seasons. Winter has its own special magic. As snow carpets the mountain, a gentle hush settles over the park and all of nature slumbers under a coat of ice.

This past winter season I was joined by my friend and fellow landscape photographer, Kris, braved the chill of winter morning and set out together at 04:00 to witness, and hopefully capture, a perfect Pacific Northwest sunrise over Mount Rainier. Kris is more familiar with the park in winter than myself, so I relied on his experience as we discussed possible compositions.

Time was of the essence and the last fragments of gentle weather were waning. It was pitch black when we entered the park. As we stepped out of the car ...

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