Fujifilm Assignment • Nature’s Power And Impact Winner: Joshua Snow

Death Valley, USA

Picture by Joshua Snow from USA

April 2018, the night before my very first Death Valley workshop the weather forecast for the 4 days with the group looked dismal. But the evening before... well, that's what you see here. One of the attendees arrived early and with high winds creating a dust bowl and temperatures only in the 70s, we decided to head out into the dunes. This picture almost cost me two camera bodies, three lenses and a rental lens but... aren't storms on the dunes epic?

Feedback by Dimitri Vasileiou

From what I can see in this picture, I must say that I totally agree. Storms in the sand dunes are epic, indeed.
I am not sure I would like to be exposed to such conditions with all my camera gear, but I certainly admire your courage to risk it all. Nevertheless, your efforts paid off, as you have captured a memorable moment of nature's beauty.
I really love the composition, with all the dune hills creating layer upon layer. Personally, and as I like simplicity in photography, I would love to see no vegetation in the picture. However, I do understand that sometimes we cannot get what we want when we are dealing with nature.
Excellent capture, well done.

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