Formby, Liverpool, England by Craig Cunliffe

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Picture Story

Unfortunately there isn't a wonderful enthralling story behind this shot, it was one taken out of desperation and the overwhelming sense of doom. COVID 19 had started to get a hold of the country and my day job was beginning to prepare for the imminent lockdown measures. I sensed these measures would come into place over the next week or so and I had decided to draw up a mini bucket list of places to visit locally before I would be essentially under house arrest.

Formby beach was one of those but after a long day at work I really didn't have the motivation for a further 100 mile round trip, but I did it, I got home and just grabbed my bag and went. After a few wrong turns I got to what I thought was the beach with about 30 minutes till sunset, however I was just short of a mile away from where I wanted to be. Have you ever tried running with all your gear in sand, for a mile? I seriously do not recommend it! Anyway I managed to get a few keepers which was extremely fortunate as unbeknownst to me, while I was driving to the location lockdown was announced and here we are 3 months later just being able to travel.

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