Flamborough Head, Bridlington, England by Lewis Gabell

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Picture Story

After finally being allowed back out following months of lockdown I was eager to get the camera back out again. The intended shot for this Sunday night was a to capture the sun going down at sea over the picturesque Flamborough Head in Bridlington, UK. One of my favourite places to shoot landscape photography since there are at least 15 different photo locations within just a few miles.

Sadly, this night was a dull sunset with little to no color, so early on I conceded to the elements just before the sun crossed the horizon and began the long trek along the cliff tops back to the carpark, ready to try again another day.

Upon packing up my gear however, I noticed that my tripod was starting to glisten with moisture, indicating mist could be beginning to roll in, so I needed a subject, fast. Being so high on the cliff tops offered the perfect vantage point to look down across the golf course below, where a cluster of trees where being slowly being suffocated by the incoming mist.

Coinciding with the sun setting directly behind, the mist was subtly backlit by a glow of red, creating a mysterious mood across the landscape.

Only one exposure was needed for this shot and there was almost no editing involed beyond a vignette and lighting adjustments from the raw file. Luckily so, too, as this light only lasted for a few minutes before the colors died down and the fog engulfed the entire golf course in a sea of grey nothingness.

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