Sea Lake, Victoria, Australia by Peter Hammer

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Picture Story

On a weekend trip to photograph the Lake Tyrrell Salt Lake I went out during the day to see the Wyperfield National Park and saw this view of cropped fields. Lake Tyrrell is a very shallow lake well known for the fabulous reflections but really best at sunrise and sunset so during the day one does other things. The countryside there is largely flat and is used for grain growing and the harvest had already taken place. This was one of the few places where you get a good view up a hill and where the harvest has been up the hill leaving those glorious leading lines up the field. Too good not to stop amid the flies! I had already visited this general area the previous year so I had a fairly good idea what of the few roads to take where there might be a good spot. I shoot exclusively with Olympus OMD cameras and always in jpg mode.

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