Fanal, Madeira, Portugal by Peter Luxem

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Picture Story

The old laurisilva trees located at the Fanal on the Paul da Serra plateau on Madeira (Portugal) are almost always in the fog; days without fog are rare. Getting there is rather easy, the location is right next to the road, but it will take a while to drive there. I was staying at the south coast of Madeira and it took me an hour in my small rental car to get there.

When I arrived there I first walked around without camera to get a feeling of the place and after 10 minutes I've almost was lost due to the fog. So I decided to get my gear and GPS with me and go find that nice tree I saw earlier, that wasn't easy to find again. During my search I managed to already find several other nice trees and started photographing those. After a while I spotted those cows gracefully gracing. I searched for a composition which included the trees and the cows and took some shots. The cows disappeared in the the thick fog, never to be seen again. My hunger for pictures was not over and I wondered around some more in this magical place before returing to the car, which I found a bit more easily with the GPS.

After returning home I got working on all my Madeira pictures, including this one. After some adjustments I found that the composition missed something, it included too much grass in the foreground, that's when I decided to go for a 2:1 panoramic crop because it really highlights all the subjects in the picture: cows, trees and fog.

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