Falls Creek Falls, Washington, USA by John Pedersen

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Picture Story

This is a fairly popular waterfall in Southern Washington and on this day I headed up with one of my friends to photograph. It was a cloudy day which was perfect for what we wanted to do and despite it's popularity, I did not see many people along the way to the falls.

To get to the falls you have to follow a trail through a dense forest and across a small footbridge spanning a small gorge. The trail eventually begins climbing uphill and with a fully loaded camera pack, it got to be a bit of a workout. We eventually made it to the falls and perched ourselves on a small outcropping of dirt facing the falls directly. This is a 3-tiered falls and in this image you can only see the first two. I shot for about an hour, choosing many different compositions and shutter speeds and this particular image is the one that made the final cut. These days several of the trees have grown out and this particular shot is very difficult if not impossible to get.

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