Fall in Ridgway, Colorado, USA by Jennifer Clark

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Picture Story

We don't have the "Colorful Colorado" name for no reason! This last year, after the massive snow storms in the prior winter, we ended up with so many more orange aspen trees! My best friend and I decided to take a couple of days to go into the high country and shoot some fall colors.

This area is known because part of the original "True Grit" was filmed there; I had never seen the meadow for myself, so we headed up the canyon for sunrise. When I saw the curve of this creek, I just fell in love! I normally shoot such wide landscapes because I love to get the "whole scene" but this time, a more intimate shot was just fine.

It also was nice to find something that wasn’t just a canned shot of the area – there are so many “common” shots that you see over and over again. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love those scenes as well – they are iconic for a reason! But originality seems to be the fan favorites…

We had also been skunked several days without clouds, so that helped push me to be more creative in my shots. We saw a bit of wildlife (mostly mule deer) and with the fall colors, I was happy to get a few wildlife scenes as well.

The entire area around Ridgway in the fall is worth the trip/drive/flight or however you get there! There are several hot springs in the area in addition to lots and lots of great food, so you will be entertained if you decide to go.

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