Fagaras Mountains, Romania by Susanna Patras

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Picture Story

One of the most important locations on my list when I travelled throughout Romania was the Southern Carpathians. The Southern Carpathians are the tallest subduction mountains in Romania, with Fagaras Ridge in the top position. Fagaras Road (Trans- fagarasan) is one of the most dramatic high mountain passes in Europe. It stretches for 151 km from Cirtisoara village to Curtea de Arges.

Despite being the most popular, it is the second highest mountain road in Romania, the highest being the Transalpine Road built at the beginning of the 2nd Century AD by the Roman legions during their war to conquer Dacia (ancient Romania). The road was later named the King’s Road, by King Carol II in 1935. Fagaras Mountains offer stunning landscape vistas. In October, the colors were mostly orange-grey, dark green and red-orange. And then there was the fog, very thick in the morning, and a bit more unpredictable and dramatic in the evening. After a night of listening to the howling wolves in the Fagaras Mountains, reminiscent of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the next morning me and my friend headed to the famous Cascada Capra (Goat’s Waterfall). Only, the entire trip was through a thick dense fog.

We got to the tunnel (built during Ceausescu’s time, the infamous Communist leader) and realized we passed the falls. We could barely see. So we turned around, as we missed the falls. The problem was that by the time we reached it, there were people bathing into the falls. Therefore, we decided to go further south and photograph Capra Waterfall way in the background, with a small creek in the foreground, so we could avoid any human intrusion into the scene. The landscape I ended up capturing was very different from what I imagined to capture. The whole trip was quite fun!

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