Evanston, Illinois, USA by Richard Grahn

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Picture Story

Years ago, my favorite pastime was to drive around the countryside with my girlfriend and our cameras. We spend entire days on the road wandering through bucolic landscapes and nature preserves. Fall is one of my favorite seasons to photograph. This image was taken from the roadside during harvest time. The cloud-filtered light brought out the colors in the turning trees and the foliage in the foreground.

Corn is another of my favorite subjects. I love just walking through the rows and listening to the rustling leaves. It looks good close up and far away. Crops add a certain dimension to a landscape. Manmade patterns enhance the natural environment. In Green County, Wisconsin, fields are contour planted meaning that they mirror the shape of the hills. Add a dramatic sky and you have just what it takes to come up with a stunning composition.

Clouds are another favorite. In this photo, the serve as a ceiling for the land below. The blue in them and the red in the foreground serve to frame the shot.

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