Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland by Risto Hunt

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Picture Story

It had been raining earlier in the morning and large water puddles were on roads. I planned to go to a grocery store but not far from home I noticed a large water puddle under highway bridge fully covered with a yellowish powder, which at closer look was pollen. I ran back to home and took my camera. Yellow tones were beautiful but because the puddle was under gray concrete bridge, when taking a photo while being parallel to the puddle (90 degrees so everything would be sharp) the water reflected the colors of the gray ceiling above it. Therefore image turned nearly into black and white, all beautiful colors gone. I didn't want to take a photo in another angle because shapes of lines the moving water (due to wind) created was nice and if it were photographed at a different angle than 90 degrees then large part of the image would have been out of focus and very soft. Overall, the black and white result with abstract shape textures look interesting as well.

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