Enys Dodnan, Lands End, Cornwall, England by Daryl Hutchinson

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Picture Story

I had debated long and hard and had watched the weather forecasts over a few days before deciding to travel the hour and half to Lands End. I also noted that the high tide was approximately two hours before the sunset which was another positive. On the journey down, there was patchy cloud over the spine of Cornwall, not an unusual phenomenon that I have seen happen in over 20 years travelling to then living in Cornwall but I arrived in sunshine.

It’s a relatively short walk around to Pordenack Point and I took the chance to stroll over and enjoy the surroundings. Once I arrived on the Point, it did look like a bank of cloud was sitting out on the horizon, not an unusual occurrence to see me. But it turned out to be a bit of an illusion caused by the shadow of a strip of cloud that actually thinned as the sun dropped.

There was plenty of time before the sunset to decide on the composition I wanted. After trying a few alternatives, I settled on this and then it was time to clean the camera of the salt spray. Despite the breeze being a north easterly and therefore offshore, there was still a fine coating over the filter. After this, it was time to wait and be patient as the sun slowly dropped and moved around.

It turned out to be one of those special nights when it all fell in to place. Right place, right time I guess.

I certainly have missed listening to the sea for the last 3 months of lockdown, so the chance to relax in warm sunshine was good except for the north easterly which was a little biting on the fingers by the end of the night.

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