Emsworthy Hawthorn, Dartmoor, Devon, England by Chris Marshall

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Picture Story

In the south-west of the UK, it is rare that snow settles on the ground but when it does you can guarantee local landscape photographers will venture out looking for the white stuff. It was a beautiful chilly sunny early morning and although the roads can be icy and inaccessible I couldn’t resist another trip to Dartmoor National Park.

I was still fatigued after a 10 hour marathon snow shoot the day before but was keen to get more snowy landscape images. It’s approximately a 30 minute drive through winding narrow lanes with tall Devonshire hedges either side. The equipment I decided to use was a Canon mark 2 with my favourite 16-35mm f/4 L series lens. I prefer to travel light when trekking across moorland committing to one camera and lens combo. My intention was to photograph the well known barn in Emsworthy valley as I walked through granite stone walled fields.

Always on the look-out for interesting subjects and composition, I came across an amazing looking tree. I circled it to view it from different angles and liked the silhouette into the sun. This starburst through this little Hawthorn tree stole the limelight as it cast a beautiful long shadow across the fresh virgin snow. The unusual ‘Cirrus Radiatus’ cloud formation was pretty spectacular too. The camera was set down low on a tripod to achieve this composition. I did end up photographing the barn later but was so pleased with this bonus photo.

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