Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, USA by Nagesh Suravarjula

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Picture Story

We had gone on a holiday during the Memorial day weekend. My wife and I went tp check out the emerald bay. When we reached there, the trail forked in two directions. Not knowing which one is a better location, my wife and I, we split up and took one path each. I landed on this spot just as the colors were popping on the clouds.

I was hoping that all the clouds would light up, but it never happened. But the sky in front of us, still looked quite surreal with backlit clouds layered with dark rain clouds, floating in really fast. It looked like a 3D screes with clouds moving over us. I grabbed a few quick shots as the sky was changing fast. The colors came and were gone in a matter of 10 minutes. Lucky to have capture this.

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