Elephant Rock, Chadbourne Gulch, California, USA by Anca Popa

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Picture Story

Chadbourne Gulch is one of those hidden places that if you go there for the first time, it's hard to find, it’s hidden after a bend in the road, and hard to believe that the dirt road will lead you to such a beautiful stretch of rocky beach.

California has the most keyholes arches on the west coast of the US and while some of them are hard to reach, this one is just a few minutes spent leisurely walking down the beach. If you want more rocks on the beach be sure to come on a low tide day, if not the only thing you have to do is just pick a place and start shooting. Because it was an overcast day I decided to take a long exposure to capture as much light as I could and to bring serenity to a cloudy day.

California beaches are preferably to shoot in the winter time as you won’t have to deal with the marine layer.

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