eBook Review: In Another Light

The authors of this eBook, Paul Gallagher and Michael Pilkington, bring together a collection of B+W infrared images which they have taken over the years as they travelled around the world teaching photography, as well as some of their own personal work

Paul Gallagher and Michael Pilkington will be well known to most readers from their company Aspect2i, which they formed more than a decade ago.

Infrared photography, both false colour and B+W, was a popular medium in the days of film. Because the film was only sensitive to a small portion of light frequencies, the images were usually quite grainy and diffuse. The results were atmospheric but of limited technical quality. Favourite B+W subjects were things like ruined castles, which took on a ghostly appearance, as well as woodland scenes with frosty-looking white foliage.

Fast forward to the digital era and much higher quality results are now obtainable. All digital sensors have an infrared filter in front of them to cut out the infrared wavelengths. However, if this filter is removed, the sensor is then able to capture infrared light. Other filters can be installed to limit the range of other wavelengths captured. It is common for photographers to get an older digital camera body converted to infrared by a specialist company. Then, when suitable conditions occur, they ...

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