Eastern Sierra, California, USA by Michael Thomas

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The eastern slopes of the Sierra Mountains include a number of places with excellent fall color. The June Lake loop, Twenty Lakes Basin, Convict Lake, Lake Sabrina and North and South Lakes have tremendous fall color potential. Apple’s High Sierra operating system’s splash screen of June Lake is a great example of what can be had here in late September and early October. After traveling from the East Coast, I, like many others, was intent on capturing scenes of the rugged Sierra peaks overlooking alpine lakes. However, smaller scale scenes and intimate landscapes abound if one takes the time to slow down and look around.

Aspens are often called quaking aspen because the leaves seem to dance in the wind. Often one finds leaves in various stages of color on the same tree, which is what I found here along Bishop Creek. The different blobs of color remind me of what I see when I look closely at paintings of Pointilist painters like Seurat.

Most of the interesting photo locations are in the 100 km stretch between Lee Vining and Bishop, CA along US 395. I suggest splitting time between these two towns. From Lee Vining, one can quickly access Yosemite, Mono Lake, Bodie Ghost Town and June Lake. Bishop is a good base for exploring Twenty Lakes Basin, Lake Sabrina, Owens Valley and the Ancient Bristle Cone Forest. If you have the time, Lone Pine, another 100 km or so down the highway, is a good place to stay for visiting the Alabama Hills.

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