East Java, Indonesia by Debarshi Das

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East Java province borders the Java Sea in the north, the Strait of Bali in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south, as well as the Central Java province in the west. The length of the east-west stretch of about 400 km. The width of the stretch of the north-south in the west about 200 km, but in the eastern part of narrower by about 60 km. Madura is the largest island in East Java, separated from the mainland Java by the Strait of Madura. Bawean Island is located about 150 km north of Java. In the east of Madura, there is a cluster of islands, the easternmost is Kangean Island and the northernmost is Masalembu Islands. In the southern part, there are two small islands namely Nusa Barong and Sempu Island.

In the middle of the province stretch mountain ranges and volcanoes: On the border with Central Java is Mount Lawu (3,265 metres). Southeast from Madiun is Mount Wilis (2,169 metres), and Mount Liman (2,563 metres). In the middle of the corridor lies the Anjasmoro mountains with peaks Mount Arjuno (3,339 metres), Mount Welirang (3,156 metres), Mount Anjasmoro (2,277 metres), Mount Kawi (2,551 metres), and Mount Kelud (1,731 metres); The mountains are located in most Kediri, Blitar, Malang, Pasuruan, Mojokerto and Jombang. The group has the peak of Mount Bromo Tengger (2,329 metres), and Mount Semeru (3,676 metres). Mount Semeru, which is also called Mahameru is the highest mountain on the island of Java. In the easternmost part of the province, there are two groups of mountains: the Iyang mountains with the peak Mount Argopuro (3,088 metres), the Ijen mountains with the peak Mount Raung (3344 metres) In the south, there is a series of hills, that of the south coast of Pacitan, Trenggalek, Tulungagung, Blitar, Malang. the Kapur Selatan mountains is a continuation of a series of the Sewu mountains in Yogyakarta.

Bromo Sumeru and Batak are a combination of 3 volcanic mountains in this East Java region of Indonesia. Hiked across 2.30 am in the midnight in a heavy gust of wind with low temperature are very challenging to capture this. Sunrise colours over the craters are magical and otherworldly. Wanted to capture a detail shot of this beautiful natural thing. It was a beautiful sunrise with a colony of volcanic craters getting illuminated by the first light of the sun. We reached the top point by around 3.30 am and waited till 6.30 am. Those 4 hours were accompanied by a heavy gust of wind and chill factor touching almost zero. But when the 1st light of the sun hits the highest mountains Sumeru followed by Bromo and Batak those were some goosebumps moments for me.

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