Dzharylhach, Ukraine by Dmytro Trofymchuk

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Picture Story

Me and my bride went on a trip to Dzharylhach Island. We got there by train and after that by ship. It is the largest island of Ukraine and the Black Sea. The entire territory of the island and part of the surrounding water area is included in the Dzharylhach National Nature Park.

We lived in a tent and watched sunrises and sunsets every day. The people closest to us who also lived in the tents were a hundred meters from us. But one of the evenings was especially magical.

The weather started to get bad. A thunderstorm from the mainland was approaching. Julia hid in a tent, and I went to take pictures of the sea. For a few minutes the sun came out of the clouds and painted everything around in such colors.

This island is home to many protected wildlife. They appeared as soon as the sun went down.

That evening, when the sun was setting and it was getting dark, I wanted to go to the tent. But suddenly I saw a silhouette in the water. It was a dolphin that floated a few meters away from me. He must have been enjoying this beauty with me too. The unforgettable story that this photo reminds me of. Such incredible moments leave an unforgettable memory.

It is best to rest here in the summer, because there are almost no tourists around. Beaches of pure white sand, clear sea, dolphins. You can stay here for a few days while eating food. There is a lighthouse and a fresh water spring near it. Such a holiday is perfect for us.

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