Durban Lighthouse, South Africa by Stephen Cushing

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Picture Story

My wife and I had been travelling through South Africa on a series of safaris. We were exhausted and were due a few days recovery in a seafront hotel in Durban. We had just arrived at our hotel in Durban and were settling in for a sleep and a few drinks. It was approaching 6pm and the weather which had been changing suddenly changed dramaticaly and we were facing a magnificent thunderstorm.

The thunder appeared to roll on for ever with one clap after another and the lightening was cracking across the sky just seconds later. The storm was obviously very close. Fortunately I was able to set up my camera and tripod on my balcony out of the inclement weather, protecting my camera from the lashing rain. To add to my fortune the lighthouse was immediately in front of my room. All I had to do was set my exposure, fine tune my composition, within the limits of a confined space, and take a series of photos. Most of the them only had the odd streak of lightening but this one captured the verocity of the storm. I loved the fact that in the background there was a ship threatened by the storm but protected by the lighthouse. The camera gear was packed up and room service brought a celebratory drink.

Durban, situated on the East coast of South Africa is a fascinating city to visit at any time of the year, with its large port, its subtropical climate and its impressive beaches. It guarantees many things, but storms are an unpredictable bonus.

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