Dunneil River Waterfall, Dromore West, Sligo, Ireland by Mark Gwynne

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Picture Story

Last Easter 2019 my son and I were on a camping / photography road trip in the Republic of Ireland. Having awoken to a very wet and cold morning we were in two minds to consider heading back home. But we decided that would just be too easy. We had a plan to get to a particular destination to photograph an epic sea stack so we pressed onward.

An hour into our onward journey the rain stopped, the clouds began to break and all of a sudden the sun began to shine against all odds and totally against the weather forecast, it all started to look more promising. With a renewed sense of excitement we pressed on with anticipation.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I happened to get just a tiny glimpse of what was possibly a waterfall just over the top of a stone wall. The brakes went on, car pulled into the side of the road. My son thought I had completely taken leave of my senses as I jumped out of the car and ran across the road to get a proper look.

Wow wow wow ...... what a hidden treasure! I’d never seen any photos of this before.

Out came the camera, tripod and the 10 stop and polariser. And after a very quick scout for the right composition the job was done with ease. The greens were so so rich against the darkness of the water and the sun was in the perfect place to highlight what was needed.

You can imagine the rest.... we were well inspired to carry on our journey with some rather large smiles on our faces.

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