Driftwood Beach, Georgia, USA by Richard Depinay

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Picture Story

Although I have been a subscriber for a number of years, it is the first time that I am posting in this magazine. I enjoy looking at the various entries posted from all over the world, and I routinely note some locations for trips. I can honestly say that it is because of all of you that I have visited Iceland, the Lofotens in Norway, and I've noted multiple locations in the UK and the Dolomites for future travel as soon as traveling the world can resume normally.

As a pilot for a living, my time on location can be limited, depending of the layover arrangements. So in this case, I only had the morning in Jekyll Island on the coast of Georgia, USA. Because my flight had arrived late the night before, I was unable to visit this beach at sunrise.

I thought I would take a look anyway, and I was excited to see storms and rain showers on the horizon when I woke up. I thought the dark skies would add to the drama of theses trees laying down on the beach. They are so close to the waves that a few of them are actually in the water, which may help create something different.

The beauty of the "hunt for images" is that you never know what you will get. So my excitement came down a few notches when the skies actually cleared up and the amount of light became quite bright.

Also, there was a wall of rocks along side the beach, to be used as a sort of breakwater. Because it was right on the middle ground of the composition, I was not inspired.

So I kept looking around and realized that the shore bends a bit, and as I continued along it, I saw more trees, some up, some down, some in patches, some on their own. There was certainly no shortage of subjects!

Composition was a different story, as I visualized a picture with high key, due to the amount of light, and something more minimalistic, so it would require simplifying the shot and removing unwanted elements . It took some effort, but after twenty minutes, I was finally inspired and ready to start shooting. I placed the tripod close to the ground and tried to remain outside of the waves reach. Somehow it always surprise me how the waves know where my location is, and they come right at the tripod to make it unstable! Because I had installed a 16 stop filter and working with 3 minutes exposure, a few shots were lost, and I retreated quickly while cussing and shaking my head. However, here is one of the results.

Compared to the beauties I see in this magazine, I still have a long road ahead. But I don't care: As Imogen Cunningham once said, my favorite picture is the one I will be taking tomorrow.

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