Donnelly, Alaska, USA by Josh Latham

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Picture Story

A long weekend chasing aurora in the interior of Alaska proved fruitless so we ventured off in search of something a little more predictable. We fueled up in Delta Junction and headed south along Richardson Highway with our eyes peeled for wildlife. We saw a couple foxes and eventually lost track of the number of moose sightings after hitting the mid thirties. The views were magnificent and continually changing until we hit our turnout along the road. A quick check of the temp revealed a balmy -25°F and a steady wind of 15 mph.

We threw our gear on and set out for the 2.5 mile trek to the cave through 2 plus feet of snow. When we reached the cave it was simply amazing. The blue tones and 24 inch hoar frost hanging from the ceiling were magical. The hike back to the car was not... We discovered the term post holing as it pertains to breaking through the snow past your knees, some cases waist or chest deep. Needless to say we were happy to reach the car with frost and ice attached to our clothing and hair, shortly after sunset, but prior to dark. Another check of the temp showed -35°F .

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