Disko Bay, Oqaatsut, Ilulissat, Greenland by Debarshi Das

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Picture Story

Sail amongst thousands of icebergs. Some white, some blue, some huge and some small, but all are absolutely stunning. Connectivity between Greenland and any European nations is not like rest. Only Air Greenland from Copenhagen has the highest frequency followed by Icelandair from Reykjavik. So in order to reach Greenland, you must pass through either Copenhagen/Reykjavik. (Spoke-Hub distribution paradigm) Boarding the Air Greenland's Red Boeing and heading towards Kangerlussuaq, I put on my headphones, closed my eyes, and started listening to Eddie Vedder's "Society you are a crazy breed, hope you are not lonely without me". Post completion of this trip I have asked myself one question: how Mongolians in Greenland have migrated from Central Asia up here, on this island of the Arctic region. I hope I can find the answer in the book by Yuval Noah Harari which I am on the verge of completion. If I can ever get a grant from any organization I would like to shoot a documentary on mythological stories and history of tribes (Kalaallit, Inuinnait, Naukan, Yupik, Sami, and Aleut) of Arctic Circle across Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, and Northern Cannada. These tribes/ indigenous people are unable to get any sort of attention in this world of Facebook and Instagram, the reason being they are neither good vote banks nor are good consumers of fossil fuels and health insurance.

This photograph was taken in Disko Bay while sailing from Ilulissat to Oqaatsut. Oqaatsut, formerly Rodebay or Rodebaai, is a settlement in the Qaasuitsup municipality, in western Greenland. It had 29 inhabitants in 2020. The modern name of the settlement is Kalaallisut for "Cormorants".

The settlement is located on a small peninsula jutting off the mainland into eastern Disko Bay 22.5 km north of Ilulissat. The settlement itself faces the shore of the small Akuliarusinnguaq bay, bounded to the north by Qeqertaq island, one of several islands with that name − 'qeqertaq' means 'island' in Greenlandic.

Further to the east, the Paakitsup Nunaa highland on the mainland separates the area from Sikuiuitsoq Fjord. Sermeq Avannarleq, a glacier flowing from the Greenland ice sheet empties into the fjord approximately 22 km east of Oqaatsut. Paakitsup Nunaa gives way to a marshy lowland in the south, with several lakes, the largest of which are Qoortusuup Tasia, Kuuttaap Tasia, and Kangerluarsuup Tasia Qalleq.

Further south, the highlands of Iviangernarsuit and Akinnaq due east of Ilulissat Airport are split by the Uujuup Kuua river valley. To the north, the waters of the Disko Bay channel into the Sullorsuaq Strait between the large Alluttoq Island and Disko Island (Greenlandic: Qeqertarsuaq).

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