Dimitrios Shipwreck, Gythio, Greece by Andy Gray

This image is of the ship Dimitrios which ran aground on Gythio beach in the Greek Peleponnese during a storm in 1981. It’s now a rusted old shipwreck that makes for a great landscape focal point. I found this purely by chance while travelling around the Peloponnese region. I discovered this in the middle of the day but waited for late afternoon, early evening before returning in less harsh lighting conditions. After a good recce of the site I decided to use the breaking waves of the beach as a natural leading line up to the ship in the background positioned centrally in the frame. The breaking waves appeared as a slight curved shape along the beach.

Although the light was soft as sunset had just occurred, there was little cloud in the sky but the colours were good. The sand was fairly smooth so my choice of a faster shutter speed provided a rougher contrast of white moving waves against the softer sand beneath. I quite often use longer shutter speeds when doing seascape photography, so this felt like a change from the norm. The light reflecting in the sand nicely mirrored the glowing sky and the distance mountains added another element of contrasting colour in the scene. Fortunately at sunset we were the only people on the beach so I could take my time and not have to wait for passers getting in the way of the shot. I could have easily spent a few hours at this great location taking various shots of the ship but it was time to pack up and move on to our next destination. All in all it was a great find and a nice souvenir from the holiday experience.

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