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Do you take the time to experience nature, or do you simply tick boxes to seek likes? As Dimitri Vasileiou says, to appreciate and respect the landscape, we first need to use all our senses

It used to be the case, a few years ago, when I had the time to display presentations to various camera clubs in Scotland. I remember people’s expressions and interest levels during my picture curation. You see, the idea was to present them with a variety of my images and talk about them; the location where an image was captured, the time of day and year, my emotions at the time, what interested and inspired me about the location, why I chose the settings I did, and a myriad of various reasons that led to the final capture.

Landscape photography, to me anyway, is not a way of harvesting ‘likes’ and pats on the back. I have no time for this as it does not make me feel fulfilled as a photographer, hence my very limited personal presence on social media. Travelling around, snapping pictures and ticking boxes does not make me happy either. What makes me happy is spending time on location, appreciating nature, feeling the breeze in my face, smelling the sea air and absorbing the crisp, early morning winter air.

When I run my photo tours, I consciously ...

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Dimitri Vasileiou is a highly acclaimed landscape photographer, writer and photographic workshop leader. A professional photographer for several years, he was born in Greece and currently resides in Scotland.

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