Dhanaulty, Uttrakhand, India by Sanjeev Kumar Yadav

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Picture Story

How I m lucky because as a photographer I have opportunity in travel around the India. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural places for landscape photographers to visit and , capture comeliness photos. Nowadays the phone such a good technology so you can also click a good photo from Phone.

I m planning to photography the sunrise rays at the specific location, like Dhanulty , India. You often get such a view in the Dhanaulti in the morning and evening, when the sun falls on the top of the hills.I had a much better understanding of the area and had a much more precise idea of where I would want to go.

The weather here is not known, it is sunny in the morning and after a few hours it also rains. Sunrise and sunset are the optimal times for me.

For this shot, On cold mornings, I had ride in a bike on Dhanaulti road. After 2 hour when I reached Dhanaulti, it appears suddenly and is so clever disguised into the landscape that I usually miss the sunrise.

Standing on the side of the road while I was clicking the photo then what will amaze you about this valley is the sound of birds.

In this photo, The Horizontal symmetry coming from the corners of the photo naturally lead the to the Mountains. Even though the hills in the background are not perfect symmetrical or look blurry.

A good symmetry can create excellent composition.

While I was shooting in the Dhanaulti, there was not cloud in the sky. I included large swaths of empty sky and small areas of the background with light, contract detail.

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