Dess Waterfall, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland by James Huntley

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Picture Story

Was a lovely sunny, cold, snowy day, for the first time in a while I took the opportunity to go out and take some photos of the local area covered in the beautiful snow. I toured the area taking many a photo and upon my return home I drove passed the Dess waterfall location, I had always meant to head down to the bottom of the waterfall to attempt taking some water motion photos. I turned around at the next junction, headed back, parked up, kitted up with my camera and tripod, along with many layers of clothes and started to head down to the waterfall. I was so glad i had brought my wellies along as the snow was deeper than i thought, after battling my way through the snow, brush, fallen trees etc i arrived at the base of the waterfall. I was really excited upon seeing it as it was flowing well and was freezing, creating icicles at the edges. I spent the next 30 minutes or so taking many photos from many angles/locations, again i was glad to have worn my wellies as i wadded through the water many a time trying to find the best angle for photos.

Once i was completed i found that there was a path leading directly down to the waterfall, which i kicked myself for as i wasted time scrambling through the brash, however, being honest it was good fun scrambling through in the snow, felt like a big kid.

The light was challenging mainly due to the fact that i was at the bottom of the waterfall which is a compact location preventing any long distance shots, along with being surrounded by many trees high up creating dimness and shadows. The weather was also not helping as it was constantly changing due to the strong winds blowing above, which was affecting the trees along with blowing clouds across the sky and in front of the sun.

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