Derwentwater, Lake District, England by Phil Corley

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Picture Story

On a late October morning, I headed to Friars Crag near Keswick in the Lake District to make the most of the excellent foggy conditions. Getting to Friars Crag from Keswick is an easy 10 to 15-minute walk along the lakeside path and due to the very low water level, it was possible to climb down to the water's edge onto the now exposed shoreline. Once down on the shoreline, it was easy to find a pleasing minimalistic composition that showed Derwent Isle emerging from the fog with the island’s trees displaying a collection of misty autumn colours.

With the fog continually lifting and then falling, I spent about 15 minutes waiting for the right balance of fog and island before capturing an image. Once the image was “in the camera”, I was starting to pack up when I noticed a gaggle of Geese flying low over the water and heading my way. Luckily I still had a good balance of fog and island, so quickly fitting the camera back to the tripod. In my mind, I knew I wanted to give a sense of motion with the Geese and also to try to give the Geese a ghostly appearance to fit the eerie mood of the morning, so I deliberately selected a slow shutter speed. Waiting until the Geese were just where I wanted them in the frame (to balance the darker left side of the composition by placing the darker Geese on the right), I captured this image. Reviewing the image on the LCD on the back of the camera, I saw an image that I knew I would be very happy with and so as a reward, I treated myself to a late full English breakfast in Keswick!

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