Derwent Reservoir, Peak District, England by Traci Habergham

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Picture Story

I've always love this arched viaduct with spans between the Derwent Reservoir and Ladybower reservoir. On a recent trip there with my camera, the sun was shining and the water was calm, so it was perfect to capture a peaceful serene image.

The Ashopton Viaduct is a major bridge in the Peak District, where the A57 crosses the Ladybower Reservoir. It was built along with the rest of the reservoir works, and opened in 1943. It is the only major crossing of the whole reservoir.

The viaduct itself stands directly on top of the old village of Ashopton, which was controversially demolished and flooded to make way for the reservoir. Construction began in 1935, but like many other projects was interrupted by the Second World War, which slowed progress.

In 1947, due to low water levels following a drought, the spire of the old Ashopton church reappeared next to the viaduct, remains of the village (and the neighbouring drowned village 'Derwent') can still be seen when the water is low.

During World War II, Lancaster bombers flew over the Howden and Derwent dams for pilots to practise low-level bombing runs with the famous 'bouncing bomb'. Operation Chastise, better known as the 'Dam Busters', was carried out by Royal Air Force 617 Squadron in May 1943.

There are lots of interesting places to visit in this area with various walks around the reservoirs and nearby hillsides. There is plenty of parking and the main of it easily accessible for all.

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    John Graham Curry on

    DERWENT RESERVOIR, NOT ‘DERWENT WATER’’ which is in the Lake District!

    Sorry to be pedantic, but Geographical Accuracy is important.

    Otherwise quite a nice photo.

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