Denali National Park, Alaska, USA by Steve Waranauskas

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Picture Story

Late August 2017, I was on a guided hike from the lodge I was staying at in Denali National Park. The guide took the group through areas of the backcountry deep inside the park through tundra with a great variety of colors, shapes, and textures. The cloud ceiling was quite low where we happened to be so for part of it, we were above it and it was sunny. As we descended in this particular section, we had just gotten below it when I saw this composition. The discarded caribou antler in the foreground made for a nice anchor and its shape leads the eye to the colorful plants on the tundra and off to the misty background. I liked how the mist really amplified the colors of the plants. I have been to Denali in the early summer and early fall. I definitely recommend the fall for better photo opportunities... the mosquitoes are gone, the tundra has started to change over to fall color, and the bears are out, engaging in hyperphagia (fattening up before hibernating). Getting to Denali takes quite an investment of time and expense but well worth it for the great photographs you get in return.

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