Death Valley, California, USA by Hali Sowle

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Picture Story

In January of this year, before the pandemic was on anyone's radar in the US we took a trip to Death Valley. On our first day there we hiked out onto the sand dunes at Mesquite Flats well before sunrise not sure what to expect. Even by the light of a setting moon, the allure of the dunes was unbelievable. As we waited for the sun to rise we created a lot of images, but after the sun broke the horizon the true beauty of the dunes was apparent.

The sharp intersections between light and dark were amazing and all around us, there were amazing vistas both large and small to behold. It was almost sensory overload, I didn't know quite where to look and whether to look close or far. So I did both. I used my full-spectrum infrared converted camera with a 720nm filter on the 70-200mm lens and started close and moved outwards, trying to catch the sinuous feeling of the dunes. We left the dunes about an hour after the sun came up, after spending about 3 hours there, my boots were filled with sand, our cards were full and we were exhausted, but incredibly happy.

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