Curbar Edge, Peak District, England by Andy Gray

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Picture Story

I live on the edge of the Peak District so Curbar Edge is only a 20 minute drive away. On this particular winter morning I checked the weather forecast and it had forecast frosty conditions with clear skies. As is often the case in this area, warm conditions the previous day and cooler conditions during the following night can give rise to misty inversions in the valley. This particular morning I knew there would be a chance of mist occurring. Upon arrival which is usually in partial darkness I could see a blanket of mist below fairly thicker than usual. All that was needed was some sunlight from behind to illuminate the mist and bring things to life.

I was glad to actually find a combination of mist, sunlight and frost all together on this occasion. I like to photograph frost covered foreground rocks which forms the basis of many of my compositions of Curbar Edge. With the sun rising fast over my left side, exposure control was required to avoid burnt out highlights in the image. Most of the viewpoints in this location face west across the valley below thus avoiding the sun within the composition during sunrise. This location can be good both at sunrise and sunset depending on the time of year and is easily accessible by car followed by a short walk up to the edge. For me personally it is one of my favourite views in the Peak District. On the technical side one single exposure taken using a tripod and no filters with basic editing in Lightroom.

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