Crescent City, California, USA by Ron Kusina

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Picture Story

Living along the Northern California coast in Crescent City, I’m fortunate to enjoy a wide variety of photo opportunities, including ocean beaches, headlands, towering Redwoods, and miles of hiking trails. As is customary, I often drive out to a location, like Point St. George, and head out to walk the beach. On this particular morning, the coast was enveloped in fog, and as I walked I came across what appeared to be an orange colored mineral, leaching into a streamlet or spring from up above the tide line. Remembering the current LPM “Abstract” contest, I thought I'd found an interesting subject. I followed the flow of water, from where it emptied into the sea up toward the shoreline, finding several subjects to photograph along my way. The fog was beginning to lift, and provided some very nice soft lighting. I began composing, and after several minutes of exploration and image making, I decided to move on.

Upon returning home, I imported my images into Lightroom, and began editing them, contemplating how I might process each and produce my pre-visualizations. This led me to select a few of the photos for post processing. After working each RAW image with Light Room, I transferred these to Photoshop to continue my routine. This is where I also nest other “plug in” software, which I generally use when working to create a final image.

I walk the beaches and headland trails here frequently, and this was the first time I encountered the mineral leaching this far north. You can visit almost anytime of year, and with a little planning, and weather watching for patterns that will fit with your personal agenda, you’ll likely be well rewarded.

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