Colle del Gran San Bernardo, Italy by Stefania Grasso

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Picture Story

This picture has been taken last August. It was a beautiful day during our travel towards Colle del Gran San Bernardo. It’s an Italian landscape road which starts from Saint Rhemy en Bosses - (Valle d’Aosta) and ends in Plan de Jupiter a great point view with Pain du Sucre chain, and the lake. All around a restaurant and a shop of souvenirs. A travel road properly known as Grand Saint Bernard Pass one of the most ancient passes through the Western Alps which connects Italy to Switzerland. Sometimes this road lines the Tunnel of Grand Saint Bernard marked as T2. The hospice on Swiss side later became famous for its use of St Bernard dogs in rescue operations. During our travel we have seen a great landscape with many metamorphic rocks such as Montagna Baus you can see in this image mainly gneiss and green schists. It’s not easy photograph in these areas because road is characterized by many curves and presents a steep slope. So you must be very quick in the shot. I used in this case a 18 mm focal length. It’s better according to me travel with a motorbike so you can use your camera with greater peace of mind. However it’s possible join good results also with a car but early in the morning. Light is beautiful, too much brilliant and all around there are no plants, no woods, only rocks, cantine fontainte, the roadman's house. All ingredients for a nice photography along an harmonic, favolous path that that deserves to be admired.

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