Cinque Torri, Corrtina d’Ampezzo, Dolomites, Italy by Mike Page

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Picture Story

Last September our twins flew the nest to head to the UK to study, leaving my wife and I at home alone in Bavaria. Looking for something to do with our newfound freedom we decided on a leisurely weekend photography in and around Cortina in the Dolomites, one of our favourite places in the world. We were delighted to get down there to find a dusting of snow on the tops. After hitting a couple of our favourite spots, including Tre Cime and Lago Federa we decided to give the Five Towers (Cinque Torri) another shot. I'd never really had much luck here before, but had seen some fantastic images.

In autumn you can drive up to the Rifugio Cinque Torri, which is where we started our tour from. It was very a very windy day (at least by continental standards - 30 years here has spoiled me) and we experienced a wide range of weather - from blazing sunshine to snow flurries - as we headed up to the Forcella Nuvolau, where we were forced to take refuge and a humungous slice of Linzer Torte before carrying on.

Carrying on up towards the Nuvolau we kept our eyes on the rocky towers below us. The clouds were scudding through - the forecast had been for clear weather from midday - and I patiently waited for the spotlight to hit them whilst leaving the brooding Tofana behind in the shadows.

This was my favourite shot of the series. I often crop to a 16:9 format for landscape orientation photos. Here it let me set my corners and focus on the important aspects of the scene whilst the sky nicely tells the story of the day's weather.

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